Mouthguard Development

Custom Mouth Guard, I developed this product with a dental Lab in Wales, getting it patented and using the profit from the sales to fund the marketing budget for

Key Skills:

  • UK Patent
  • Product Marketing
  • UK Manufacturing
  • Sales & supply
  • Quality control
  • CE Mark certification
  • Sourcing a bespoke liability insurance

At peak I had managed to sell over 25,000 on a 65% margin, this would later be squeezed by Oil prices and the 26p guard then became £1.00 per unit. With additional packaging restraints MOQ 10,000pc also due to Oil prices.

I chose to stop supplying Gilbert and Grays as the margins were too low as they were reselling the guard to retailers rather than direct, but supply Blitz Sport with their own brand guards.

This product is now sourced from China and is better quality using softer EVA plastic with fewer restrictions associated with UK manufacturers.


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