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Evolve® Brand

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This is an own brand Rugby identity for RugbyStore.co.uk, the largest online retailer of Rugby Kit & Equipment in the UK and arguably globally. A multi million pound, online only sports retailer. I created...
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Gforce Exhibition

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While consulting for Gymphlex on the GFORCE brand I went to and arranged many of the show POS and products along side Sales Manager Adrian Bleach. The first year I recommended taking my machines...
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SOS Kit Aid

SOS Kit Aid, I started as a Graphic Design support tool and soon was asked to take a more active role in Marketing, later being asked to become the Marketing Director for the company,...
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I created Gymphlex the GFORCE® brand in 2008 to fit with their sister company Graham Gardner. Embraced by senior management it saved Gymphlex but not without loosing it’s UK based manufacture and consolidation of...